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All the way from the Highlands - of North Carolina, not Scotland - comes this innovative idea from Joannie Newsome who's a great hand knitter and craft specialist in the mould of many generations of North Carolina Scots. Aware that not all Highland dress fans want full hand knitted hose, Joannie knits just the tops - the cuffs - in one of six designs using colours to match your chosen hose and your tartan!
Pick your hose colour from the 21 shades of machine-knitted hose bottoms, choose the style of cuff, send us a small sample of your kilt fabric and leave the rest to Joannie. She'll then knit up the cuffs (in between home-teaching her super kids and tending the chickens) and graft them on to your chosen hose.

A note about the yarns:  The cuffs are hand knitted from 100% superwash wool that's both comfortable and easy to care for.  They're machine washable in cold water on the gentle cycle but do allow to air dry. The hose body is a 50% merino wool/acrylic blend from Scotland that's both comfortable and durable.

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Hose Cuffs

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Complete your kilt outfit with your own unique matching hose cuffs!

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(£94.00 excl tax)

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