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All About your Kilt

Picture of All About your Kilt
From the world's greatest kilt historian the long revered Bob Martin, comes this invaluable work on the evolution of the kilt.

£19.95 excl tax

Bonnie Prince Charlie Bookmark

Picture of Bonnie Prince Charlie Bookmark
A unique historic heirloom discovered in a 1746 leatherbound book of handwritten poems.

£3.60 incl tax
(£3.00 excl tax)

Book: Clan Origins Booklet

Picture of Book: Clan Origins Booklet
The origins of the Clan and their place in Scotland's history, carefully researched with both factual and mythical references by well known Scottish authors.

£3.95 excl tax

Clan & Family Names Map of Scotland

Picture of Clan & Family Names Map of Scotland
This excellent map from Collins has more than 170 clan chiefs' coats of arms and crest badges, over 1,000 surnames with clan connections, ancient clan territories and useful Internet links.

£5.99 incl tax
(£4.99 excl tax)

Clan Postcards

Picture of Clan Postcards
Pack of 10 clan crest postcards - a bargain at 3.95!

£3.96 incl tax
(£3.30 excl tax)

Clans & Tartans Map of Scotland

Picture of Clans & Tartans Map of Scotland
This excellent map from Collins has more than 1,000 surnames with clan connections, clan territories at the beginning of the 17th century and tartans, clan badges and plants.

£5.99 incl tax
(£4.99 excl tax)

Early Highland Dress

Picture of Early Highland Dress
A practical guide to wearing historic Highland dress from our good friend and valued colleague Matt Newsome, Director of the Scottish Tartans Museum in Franklin, North Carolina.

£15.00 excl tax

Free Pdf Download - Box Pleated Kiltmaking

Picture of Free Pdf Download - Box Pleated Kiltmaking
A FREE supplementary, 40 page guide by Barbara Tewksbury and Matt Newsome on building the traditional box-pleated kilt.

£0.00 excl tax

Kilt Passport

Picture of Kilt Passport
Document the life and times of your kilt - a true piece of heritage clothing! 12 pages for recording your kilt's history

£3.50 incl tax
(£2.92 excl tax)

Repeal Certificate

Picture of Repeal Certificate
An historic presentation of the 1782 Act of Parliament signalling the end of the 36 year ban on Highland Dress and Tartan in the Scottish Highlands.

£9.60 incl tax
(£8.00 excl tax)

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