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Kilt, Weegirl Premium

Exact miniaturisation of an adults' 8 yard Kilt, correct in every detail.

This is the Weegirl Miniature Kilt

 Deluxe Scottish-Made Kilt for that special occasion when you absolutely have to have the very best. Exact miniaturisation of an adults' 8 yard Kilt, fastens on the ladies side. Correct in every detail. Heirloom Item.

Made to order in any available tartan.

Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Comes with matching flashes (single flash) & Supergrip Kilthanger.

Phone us on +44 (0)1764 670 090 or email enquiries here.

* A - Kilt Waist
* B - Kilt Seat
* C - Kilt Length
* Please select your Tartan

£175.00 excl tax

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