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Dancers' tartans and velvets, dancers' hose and ribbon.

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Rosette Brooch, Set of 3 Made to Order

Picture of Rosette Brooch, Set of 3 Made to Order
Tartan Rosette Brooches, beautifully hand-made to order in Scotland.

£35.82 incl tax
(£29.85 excl tax)

Shoes, Country Dancer's Leather, Childrens

Picture of Shoes, Country Dancer's Leather, Childrens
Soft, flexible, but durable Scottish leather Country Dance shoes.

£35.95 excl tax

Dancers Tartan Mediumweight 380-3D

Picture of Dancers Tartan Mediumweight 380-3D
A beautiful range of 12oz (285 gsm) medium weight quality tartans. Double-width suitable for dancers kilts and great for skirts, kilts, waistcoats and jackets.

£47.94 incl tax
(£39.95 excl tax)

Dancers Velvet 380-3DV

Picture of Dancers Velvet 380-3DV
Luxurious Velvet for Scottish Dancing costume. 12 rich colours specially produced to match the 28 Dancers Mediumweight Tartans 380-3D.

£39.54 incl tax
(£32.95 excl tax)

Dancers Hose, Tartan

Picture of Dancers Hose, Tartan
Fully Fashioned Point Linked 3 ply Merino Wool Acrylic Blend kilt socks, made to colour match the main dancers tartan kilts.

£79.50 incl tax
(£66.25 excl tax)

Sash, Tartan Dupion Silk

Picture of Sash, Tartan Dupion Silk
A true Scottish classic. Elegant tartan sash in beautiful , crisp Dupion silk . Hemmed and fringed. Rich, sharp colours in a dozen silk tartans. Perfect accessory for special occasions and Burns Night. See also silk-effect poly or 'Wool Sashes' for another 500 tartans.

£52.80 incl tax
(£44.00 excl tax)

Sash , Mid-weight Wool 10 oz

Picture of Sash , Mid-weight Wool 10 oz
Dance Sash in 10oz mid-weight, soft handle, Pure New Wool. Available in 90 tartan patterns. Great for occasion wear and very popular for Burns Night

£45.60 incl tax
(£38.00 excl tax)

Work In Progress!

Picture of Work In Progress!
We are adding new products every day. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for please don't hesitate to e-mail us at info@staonlineshop.co.uk

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